Воскресенье, 24 октября, 2021

Ganesh’s Message to the Community

От этого же автора

We have seen a massive influx of questions come in following the public sale announcement. Rest assured, we plan on answering all of your queries in the weeks leading to the sale. We aim to be as transparent as possible with the Covalent community.

To kick things off, Ganesh, Covalent CEO has addressed a number of important points the community has raised so far. The points covered are:

– The bear market
– Investor due diligence
– Team commitment
– Covalent’s competitive advantage
– Public sale allocation
– Alchemist Ambassador Program

Thank you for your patience so far.

Follow the latest about Covalent on:

Website: https://covalenthq.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Covalent_HQ/
Telegram: https://t.me/CovalentHQ
Discord: https://bit.ly/Covalenthq_discord
Blog: https://www.covalenthq.com/blog

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