EtherLite (ETL) ICO описание, обзор, детали, финансовая информация

Название ICOEtherLite
Дата начала15 мая, 2021
Дата окончания30 мая, 2021
1 год назад

EtherLite is a community driven application specific blockchain that is customized for the business logic defined by a stand-alone application. EtherLite’s architecture leverages the Proof-of-Stake functionality and EVM compatibility. EtherLite is fully compatible with Ethereum meaning that any smart contract, DAO, and decentralised applications will work on EtherLite. Not only it is fully compatible with Ethereum as well as it is faster, cheaper, and more adaptable and it offers instant finality, opening a new array of options for developers.
Features of EtherLite

• Web3 compatibility.

• High throughput.

• Fast transaction finality using a PoS consensus engine.

• Ability to use existing smart contract and tooling.

• Compatible with existing tools like Clients, Metamask, Remix, and Truffle etc. which are used in Ethereum Blockchain

Etherlite RoadMap

May 1, 2021: HardFork

May 1, 2021 – May 15, 2021: AirDrop

May 15, 2021 – June 30, 2021: IBCO/IEO

July 1, 2021: Trading starts

Token Distribution:

    January Burning Completed! 🔥
    Over 1.5 billion ETL has been burnt successfully.
    Details will be updated on the website in the next few days.

    Moreover, are you excited about the market supply burning?
    Exciting times ahead! 🚀 #Etherlite2023

    New beginnings...
    New opportunities...

    A toast to all of the wonderful things ahead of us!

    Happy New Year, Etherlite!

    Let's continue to pursue our dreams and aspirations. Let's claim 2023 to be our year. 💪

    Have a wonderful Holiday season, Etherlite!

    It's time to celebrate as we successfully burnt over 2.3 billion ETL today! (Details to follow)

    Thank you for your continued support over the past years and may the New Year be filled with the promise of a bright future.

    Happy 1st of the month, Etherlite community!

    Here's a wrap-up of events the foundation has sponsored for November.

    Sharing Etherlite with like-minded people in the space has never been this exciting. Let's take it one step at a time! 💪
    #HODL $ETL #Etherlite #PoS #Blockchain

    The burning continues while the minting has stopped.🚀

    November is the highest burnt we had so far!🔥
    #HODL $ETL #Etherlite #Burning #Web3 #PoS #EVM #Blockchain

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